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The Zodiac Craft Server is intended to be a fun, welcoming and friendly environment for all players to play on. As such, we have a list of rules that we expect all players to follow with no expectations. By choosing to play on one of the Zodiac Craft Servers, Zodiac Craft Website as well as our Discord. You agree to follow all the rules listed below.

Our main goal is for Zodiac Craft to be a positive and safe space where cheating, inappropriate content, bad player behavior and other negative things are kept to a minimum. We believe that Zodiac Craft offers a new exciting, thrilling online Minecraft community. We support the vast majority of all players who respect others and play fairly. By ensuring you follow these few simple rules, we are able to keep the online community a safe, fun environment for all new and existing players!


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Social Interaction Rules:

These rules govern social interactions on our website, Discord, and Minecraft servers.

  1. Do not harass or use aggressive or threatening language towards others on Zodiac Craft.
  2. Do not engage in or participate in any form of sexual conversation, including innuendo, with minors under the age of 18 on Zodiac Craft's website, Discord, and Minecraft servers, regardless of who initiates the conversation. This rule applies to all users, including minors.
  3. Swearing/Cursing is allowed unless it's constant or you're saying it directly to a player to insult them.
  4. Do not use racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or discriminatory slurs toward others.
  5. Do not speak non-English languages in global chats; feel free to use any language you like in PMs
  6. Do not post NSFW content or illegal content on our Network.
  7. Do not discuss politics or religion unless both parties are okay with the conversation and the conversation is mature and relaxed. 
  8. Any form of chat disturbance/spam isn't allowed, including repeating messages (frequently), randomized messages (including &k), countdowns, chat flooding, and spacing out letters.
  9. Do not advertise any server or website for a server.
  10. Do not advertise any social media unless it involves Zodiac Craft. (This is allowed on the promote yourself channel on Discord - contact Father Jasper for posting permissions)
  11. Do not argue with our Staff if you are asked to do something. All Staff are volunteers and deserve to be treated with respect.
  12. Do not abuse your donor rank.
  13. Do not be negative towards the server due to issues. Please open a ticket so your issue can be resolved. This includes leaving negative reviews on third-party sites.
  14. Do not make threats against others or the Zodiac Craft network.
  15. If you stream or record on Zodiac Craft, please be sure to link them to our website or Discord. 
  16. Do not stalk, harass or overly bother Staff. Staff are allowed to ask you not to private message them on Discord. Staff are allowed to ask you to leave their area of gameplay. Please be respectful of the Staff on our server, they are volunteers and trying to enjoy the game just like you.
  17. Do not leak someone else's personal information knowing they don't want it to be publicly known. Please be respectful of this, we understand slip-ups can happen. E.g., You say your friend lives in the United States or Alaska; if they don't mind you saying that, it's okay. If they ask you to stop, please do. 
  18. Staff impersonation is not allowed.
  19. Disagreements between friends should be taken to /msg and left out of global chat.
  20. This list of rules is incomplete; if a Staff member asks you to stop an action, please do so. Staff word should be considered law as all situations cannot be planned for. Situations will be reviewed as needed, and new rules will be added.
  21. All suggestions shall be put in the discord #suggestions, not in the game chat. Do not bug Staff or tell them how to do their jobs.


Gameplay Rules:

These are rules that affect all worlds on the Zodiac Craft server *and any future worlds/servers*.

  1. Do not grief or raid our servers. Protect your land! 
  2. Unfair advantages of any form are not allowed. This includes (but isn't limited to) auto-clickers, hacked clients, x-ray texture packs and putting weights on/taping down your mouse or keyboard.
  3. Teleport killing is not allowed. Player traps in any form are prohibited.
  4. Do not exploit the economy in any way. Your economy will be purged if you have an absurd amount of in-game money compared to the rest of the server.
  5. Do not scam others in or outside of the game.
  6. Do not exploit bugs, errors, or issues to do any of the following: Duplicate Items, Crash the Server, increase your in-game money, create unobtainable items, gain experience in McMMO, Jobs or etc. Report bugs/errors in Discord.
  7. Do not use alts or items to load multiple chunks.
  8. Macros are allowed for welcome messages, common help responses, and town promotions. Macros outside of these are not allowed.
  9. No large 0 tick farms, flying machines, huge redstone contraptions, lag machines, hopper clocks, or redstone clocks (with a lower delay than 32 ticks (4 full repeater delay)). Feel free to ask a staff member to check out your build.
  10. No inappropriate skins, nicknames, usernames, tool names or builds. This includes NSFW skins, historically bad people, political ideologies and nicknames with more than 15 characters (not including color codes). Inappropriate builds include no swastikas, hammer and sickles, and no genitalia. If you're unsure, ask.
  11. Setting player warps or homes in, or around a 200-block radius of a player claim that is not yours is not allowed and will be removed with no refund and/or warning. If you’ve been given direct permission and can prove it, you may keep the home/warp.
  12. Staff are not required to give back items due to game glitches.
  13. Staff have the final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a ruling, feel free to make an appeal and/or staff report if you feel it was unjust. Do not continue to argue about it as this will make the punishment tougher.
  14. You are responsible for your own account, regardless of who does the action on your account, you are liable for the damages and consequences.
  15. Ban Evading on a separate account is not allowed. Your IP will be banned for the same time as your main account.
  16. Mute Evasion, including using signs or any in-game feature to chat will result in a ban for the duration of said mute.
  17. AFK'ing is not permitted nor is making an AFK machine. You will be kicked and the machine will be destroyed.
  18. Do not ask Staff for roles, items or experience.

This list of rules is not complete, if a Staff member asks you to stop an action, please do so. Staff word should be considered law as all situations cannot be planned for. Situations will be reviewed as needed and new rules added.


Towny Rules

  1. Do not join towns with the intent to cause damage or destruction.
  2. Do not intentionally interfere with other towns and their expansion or design. This includes but is not limited to the following: ring claiming, building walls around towns that are not your own, TNT cannons, intentional creeper explosions, lava and water pyramids, and claiming outposts/towns near another town to prevent expansion. You must build at least 10 Chunks or 160 Blocks away from another town.
  3. If you’re in or around a town, and a town member asks you to leave, you must do so immediately.
  4. If a town’s mayor is inactive for 60 days mayorship will be passed through the chain of commands: Co-Mayor, Assistant, Helper, VIP, and if none are active a regular town member that has been in the town for more than 2 weeks may assume mayorship. We do not delete any town for any reason unless all members are banned permanently. If the land is claimed, it's taken and there are no exceptions to this.
  5. Ranked town members cannot use their permissions to steal from town members. Doing this will result in the ownership of the town being given to another player or removal of the town rank. This includes draining the town bank, purposely making the town fall, stealing from other town members, and increasing tax with no prior notice.
  6. Instantly inviting someone with (/t add [name]) as they join the server is not allowed. Ask them over /msg and not general chat, and if they decline, respect that decision and don’t keep asking.
  7. Abusing Mayor privileges to steal, grief or ruin a player's experience is forbidden.
  8. In the event of a disagreement about a build with no contract, if staff has to get involved, ownership will default to the architect.
  9. All builds built by one player for another are required to have contracts documented in #contracts.
  10. All loans from one player to another are required to also have contract documented in #contracts. If not, the money is lost.